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Best Online Investment Platform based on Licensed Mutual Fund

High-net-worth individuals, as well as business owners, seek wealth management firms to help with their investment portfolio and financial planning. These firms have wealth managers knowledgeable enough to handle the estate, tax, and legal resources as well as management of an investment.

Hiring the services offered by wealth management firms has several advantages:

Saves the client’s time. Affluent individuals have the capacity to hire the services of these firms. Usually, these affluent individuals are too busy handling several businesses and investments that they no longer have the time to manage their wealth personally.

Einvestment is a powerful online multi-portfolio investment platform based in the Cayman Islands, for international private individual and corporate investors operated by the licensed and regulated mutual fund since 2018.

The Cayman Islands is one of the most popular and well-known administrations for asset management companies and one of the top international financial centers with an English common law framework, and high stability with tax neutrality.

Einvestment offers a personal financial consultant. With the knowledge and experience of different advisors in a wealth management firm, a client is given the opportunity to have a personal financial consultant. They seek these consultants’ advice on the proper way of handling their wealth and investments as per their guidelines. The client is assured of personal service such that decisions and advice given are tailored to the client’s financial situation.

Einvestment provides the client with a team of experts.  Depending on the financial situation of the client, he or she is still assured that his concerns will be addressed and discussed with a team of skilled and appropriate professionals with the excellent performance of investment portfolios. Since Einvestment services are client-focused, the approach during the discussion is more of a consultative where both parties address the concern using the best possible option.

Without proper consultation and advice, an individual may plunge into a risky financial situation. Einvestment makes sure that the client is saved from possible financial risks. You may can start with Einvestment with the minimum investment of 1,000 Euros which is significantly lower than competitors.

Einvestment is fintech powered investment platform comes with paperless account application and investors can invest through their credit card with 0% of subscription fees to shares and management. Their experts will cater to high-interest rate investment products with quick access.



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