5 Easy Steps to Buy Life Insurance Online

How to buy life insurance?

Buy Life Insurance Online

Before submitting your information to an online Life Insurance websites there are a few things you should know.


Do a little research on the site before submitting any personal information. The top sites will contain articles, calculators, or blogs to help with the decision process. Make sure that the site has a learning center or contact information with a relevant privacy policy before submitting anything.

Your personal information

Most websites use your personal information to offer you quotes while shopping online. Some sites just collect data without showing you a quote, and sell if off to multiple agents who may only work with 1 or 2 carriers, so be careful. You will likely want to work with a website that gives you quotes online and has agents on their staff. Any life insurance site that just acts as a “lead generator” is not looking out for the best interest of the consumer, just trying to make a buck off of your valuable data.

Viewing quotes Online

Using data like your state, birth date, height and weight, online life insurance sites can offer quotes online. You are also asked to either choose a health class or answer a couple minor health questions to get a more accurate quote. Quotes that you receive can vary between sites, but all of the quotes come direct from the carrier, so they should be the same.

If someone says they can get you a cheaper rate, it is most likely with a different company. That is the good thing about life insurance, whether you buy if from brokerage A or Brokerage B, you pay the same amount regardless of where you buy it. Agents can’t hide fees like the mortgage industry. Agents are paid from the insurance company, not you.

Buy Life Insurance Online

Generally you will see the same quotes on all of the websites- Most of the online brokerages work with the same top rated carriers like AIG, Chase, Transamerica, Genworth, Banner Life, RBC Insurance to name a few. Some small agents will only work with a few carriers, so be sure to ask for information on multiple carriers, and be sure to ask for their rating. Often times, a cheaper rate, means a lower caliber insurance company.

Application Request

You may see life insurance sites use the term “application request form“. This isn’t to have the company actually send the application, more to gauge interest in purchasing life insurance. If a site says that you can apply online, it just means you can start the application process online. Life Insurance requires certain forms and questionnaires, and any brokerage you work with will have to get these same forms.

Where to find a good website

Chances are that if you are looking for life insurance, you have gone to a search engine to research. This is the best spot to get a quality quote. Search engine advertising is extremely expensive, so these advertisers will tend to be the most trustworthy in the industry. Be careful of emails that offer “free life insurance quotes”, most legitimate sites don’t use email or spam. These are likely the sites that will sell your information of 5 times.

Buy Life Insurance Online

What happens when you buy life insurance online

Online Life Insurance brokerages have made easy to buy life insurance online.

Step 1 – fill out a quote online
Step 2 – speak with an agent to confirm your information and schedule a medical exam
Step 3 – An agent will fax, email or mail a pre-filled paper application to your home or office. You can sign and return or give it to the person who gives the exam.
Step 4 – Your policy is submitted to the carrier and is now in the underwriting process, this takes between 1 and 6 weeks.
Step 5 – Your policy is approved, and coverage is in force.

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