TAGZ Review a deep dive into the project

An honest TAGZ review of the project where I deep dive into the true fundamentals and look into whether or not one should even consider to buy Tagz Tokens.

 About TAGZ Exchange

TAGZ trades under an Australian company by the name of TAGZ GROUP PTY LTD and is a privatized company and upon first preliminary checks, the company is fully registered with the correct Australian regulatory body the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

I carried out this check online through the Australian Government database which cannot be faked and you can too:

Upon further deep dive into TAGZ – I wanted to verify that they did in fact have the proper registration licensing in place to operate a digital currency exchange. I was also able to verify this and everything looked above board. You can check this yourself by searching for the word “TAGZ”:

In order to run a digital currency exchange in Australia, the above 2 registrations need to first be in place as this gives the company a 100% accreditation to operate a digital currency exchange in Australia.

What does the TAGZ project aim to accomplish?

TAGZ states that they are Australia’s first fully licensed and regulated Dual Gateway Exchange and registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). TAGZ’s focus is to protect users by use of actively monitoring trading activity on their platform (TAGZ Exchange).

As their aim is to develop and maintain a Whitelabel Exchange, this is with the view to eliminate common price flash crashes, pump & dumps, spoofing, fake volume aswell as offering an added layer of security to prevent possible data security breaches.

The TAGZ Differentiator

The TAGZ Exchange platform will offer access to Traditional Crypto and Derivative Futures with the ability to trade both at the same time on the same TAGZ Exchange platform. TAGZ calls this a Dual Gateway Exchange.

TAGZ Token Utility

The TAGZ Token was created to reduce exchange trading fees much in the same way that Binance’s BNB token does the same.

 TAGZ Exchange Fee Structure

First 90 Days: There will be NO FEES charged for the first 90 days after official exchange launch on both Traditional & Futures on any asset. Next 90 Days: After the initial 90 day period has lapsed, the fees are only: 0.0005%.

Day 181 – 240: In this next period fees remain ultra-low and are only: 0.0010%.

Day 241 – 365: This period will mark 12 months in operation and TAGZ fees are only: 0.0015%.

Low Fees Forever: The above fees are on all TAGZ pairs and TAGZ exchange fees are among the lowest in the industry, if not the lowest.

TAGZ Affiliate Program

TAGZ understands that in order to grow it’s userbase it is important to deploy a Affiliate Program to incentivize users to be part of the TAGZ Exchange and to encourage others to do the same. Most other exchanges have deployed the same philosophy either through paying out referral commissions upon new user signups or paying out a set amount on trading activity over a specified time period.

TAGZ Affiliate Commissions are set to payout 25% of all fees taken.


It’s common knowledge that the majority of online exchanges offering crypto trading services are purely unregulated. TAGZ is definitely regulated and actively registered with AUSTRAC so there is no cause for concern. Using unregulated exchanges is high-risk so please always do your own research and due diligence because cryptocurrency is a very fragile and volatile market.


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