A Fundraising Platform AIDBIT has Launched It’s own Crypto Token

Aidbit is a Fundraising Platform. It is best place to raise funds in any cryptocurrency whether you’re a person, a group, a community, or a business, with the lowest gas and transaction costs; it is one of the most secure non-custodial multi-forex wallets. There are many other decentralized crowdfunding platforms to help increase finances for plenty functions. All the present platforms are centralized, and have strict rules in location to make the procedure of fundraising a little more difficult.

Aidbit believes that something credible and vital for the people, need finances; need to be capable of raise funds in public without dealing with difficult guidelines. To tackle this issue, Aidbit incorporates out all of its dealing with blockchain, being completely decentralized.

What are $Aidbits Tokens

$AIDBIT tokens are the native tokens. They are intended to be used within the ecosystem for fundraising, oversight and arbitration, regulatory / arbitrator rewards, and a fundraising campaign from users in need of direct financial assistance. It will also give people decision-making powers and voting rights so that the community itself can maintain and regulate growth and updates within the Aidbit ecosystem.

Aidbit Tockenomics:

  • 7 Billion (7,000,000,000) Aidbit minted at the start in Fixed Supply (auto burn reduces supply with transactions).
  • 759,731,663.27 AIDBITs are Sold in Private Sale to Seed Investors to start with application development on all platforms. (locked for 2 years with Unicrypt’s linear lock)
  • 350,000,000.00 Creators and Founders’ tokens locked for 2 years in Unicrypt’s linear lock as well. (5% of the total initial minted supply)
  • 63,583,558.8500 $AIDBITs sold in Privately hosted SHO (0.90% of the total minted supply, to be unlocked in 6 months’ time in April 2022)
  • 2,000,000.00 $AIDBITs to go first Pancakswap Liquidity Listing (0.028% of total minted supply)
  • 635,448,412 $AIDBITs locked out of liquidity for Marketing & Development. (9.077% of the total minted supply)
  • 5,000,000,000 $AIDBITs available for ICO stages X, Y, and Z and providing liquidity to the exchanges (71.42% of the total minted supply)
  • 2,000,000,000.00 $AIDBITs available for sale in ICO stages X,Y and Z (28.57% of total minted supply). ICO stages to be held on different platforms, at different price points, and at different locking/vesting times.
  • 3,000,000,000.00 $AIDBITs to go on exchange listings (42.857% of the initial minted supply)

AIdbit Milestones and Roadmap:

  1. Launch of the Aidbit Governance web application for Aidbit owners who have Aidbits that are eligible to become governor, the governor can post proposals (changes / updates to be made by developers in each phase of the project life cycle, platform development).
  2. Launching the AidWallet: ios/play store app. already in development mode. And hope to arrive soon. With the wallet, NFT, staking, and much more features.
  3. Aidbit Decentralized Crowdfunding/Fundraising platform on the Blockchain!



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