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Alexander David Manns: $8 Million Net Worth and Some Facts About Him

Alexander David Manns

Who is Alexander David Manns?

Alexander David Manns is an American entrepreneur, YouTuber, influencer, singer, and actor. As of this writing, Alexander David Manns net worth is $8 million dollars.

Alexander David Manns: $8 Million Net Worth

Net Worth:                  $8 Million
Date of Birth:               July 21st, 1993 (27 years old)
Gender:                      Male
Height:                       5 ft 9 in (1.753 m)
Profession:                  Entrepreneur, Business Coach, YouTuber, Influencer
Nationality:                United States of America
Last Updated:             October 2021

Early Life

Alexander David Manns was born on July 21st, 1993, in Detroit, Michigan. His mother, Anita Manns and father, Anthony Manns had five children, Alexander, Olivia, Shan, Arial, and Jada. Alexander David Mann’s grandparents are Carrie and David Williams. He was born and raised into a large Christian family, with dream big ethics. In 2006, Alexander and his family moved to the suburbs of Farmington’s Hills in Michigan. He attended Harrison High School, where he played football, and in 2010 won a State Championship. Manns graduated in 2011 with Honors.

Manns was accepted into Oakland University and began to study medicine. At the age of 19 he was homeless and lived in his car and at Life Time Fitness, but he used the time to learn and get fit while he studied to become a doctor. During his college year’s studying pre-med, Manns noticed his female peers skipping class for shopping, and so the vision for his online brand, Fantasy Fashion was conceived inspiring him to change career direction.

At age 22, Alexander David Manns was in the US Air Force stationed at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida and Fort Leonard Wood US Army base in Missouri Ozarks where he was trained on convoys and vehicle operations.

Personal Life

Manns met wife, Kamolwan Manns (AKA Sam) in Destin, Florida after leaving the US Air Force. Within the first month of dating, they had matching tattoos with each other’s name.

On May 17th, 2018, Manns married his wife, Kamolwan. She was born in Bangkok. The pair spend 3-6 months a year travelling mostly to Singapore and Thailand. Their favorite locations are the Phi Phi Islands, but they have been reported to enjoy Bangkok stating Yaowarat Road in Samphanthawong District in Chinatown is a favorite food haunt.

In a recent interview, Alexander David Manns professed two books that help him stay focused and inspired. The first one is the Bible. The second book is the dictionary.

Manns and his wife, live in Destin, Florida as well as Detroit, Michigan.


Manns online e-Commerce business, Fantasy Fashion was conceived during university. Although not initially motivated by business and fashion, he soon became interested in advertising and marketing. He began working on advertising campaigns for different health magazines and products with companies using social media giant, Twitter which progressed into merchandise.

He continued to develop his passion project, Fantasy Fashion, and on seeing the success of some of the fashion industries popular online brands for women, wanted to create his own e-Commerce brand, with a twist.

Alex wanted to develop the ideals of a traditional online women’s clothing store, to a one-stop-shop for women, giving his diverse target audience the solution to purchase from anywhere comfortable and fashionable clothing, as well as respected make-up and face treatment brands, all at an economical price. Manns main goal behind Fashion Fantasy is simple, one brand that every color and type of person on this Earth will like. A brand for everyone and that is to empower women.

To find out more about Alexander David Manns visit: or watch his YouTube Channel: Alexander David Manns – YouTube


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