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How to Get Effective Technical Recruitment Results

Technical Recruitment

An HR manager’s or recruitment officer‘s task is never complete until the applicant selected for an interview is formally integrated into the organization.  For an entry-level position, the time period for this is usually short, but when it comes to technical recruitment there is a certain delay in getting qualified hands and minds to take up the company’s baton.

Two of the main reasons for the delay are directly linked to the skills shortage that exists and the higher demands that companies now have regarding certain technical professions. Companies, however, do have some influence over their technical recruitment results. Employ Consulting has accompanied the technical recruitment market for years and knows exactly what HR managers should and should not do to get their technical vacancies filled with only the best talent. Some points to consider include:

Informative Adverts

When it comes to technical recruitment, adverts should not be sparing with details about the job in question and neither should they be overly wordy. Candidates want to know what they should bring to the organization and also what the organization wants from them. As such, adverts should send a sharp and informative message about the years of experience, technological applications, educational accomplishments, leadership skills, etc., that each applicant should have. When adverts are clear and informative, then they are not easily misunderstood and it is less likely to attract the wrong types of applicants to a vacancy.

Recruitment Agency

Over the years there are a number of stigmas that have been associated with recruitment agencies and as such many companies have avoided them altogether. However, a recruitment agency that abides by the laws upholds moral and professional integrity in all its operations. When a company comes to understand and believe in this, then it will realize that hiring a recruitment agency to deal with vacancy needs is far more effective than sifting through hundreds of CV’s one after the other.

When a company specifies its requirements and communicates them to a competent technical recruitment agency, then these are applied throughout the selection process to ensure that only the most qualified and fully-prepared candidates make it to the interview stage.

Benefits and Incentives

One of the key factors to remember during technical recruitment is that job seekers are CLIENTS. As such, they have the right to accept or reject any job according to their own preferences and what they are looking for to ensure professional ascension in their careers. This is why it is important to always reveal the benefits and incentives that they will ultimately receive if they join the company.

The days of taking the traditional approach by leaving this information hanging until the interview after recruiting the applicant in question are long gone. Most applicants want to know about the benefits and incentives they will receive before they are formally committed to a company. A company that outlines this information will enrich its technical recruitment process if the offers are attractive, competitive and fair.

Industry Information and Challenges

Many applicants are looking for challenges that test their limits and potential. A company that wants to get effective technical recruitment results should never lose the chance to present itself to applicants and outline the projects it is actively involved in or the growth it has experienced in recent years. There should be a call to action to want to learn more about the company and to imagine working in its professional and competitive environment. When this happens, applicants will be a lot more enthused with the idea of working with the company in question and not just see its job description as another filler campaign.


Mike Garlick founded a recruitment company in 1989. Company has earned its reputation as trusted providers of Recruitment and Workforce solutions through diligence and commitment to seeing the job through to successful completion, for their experience, responsiveness, and for the wisdom of his counsel. They understand that companies operate in a very competitive market, but know that by providing true value, whilst forging strong client relationships with a greater business understanding; Their services are second to none. No matter what your industry or where you are, they can help you Employ.


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