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Why Is Honesty Important in a Business?


Honesty is critically important to the business world whether in small business, medium and large businesses. Without honesty than a merchant, for example, will lose the trust of the people involved with her or his business affairs and even business and his name will be destroyed or damaged. So honesty is a must in the business. There is no mutual respect when there is no honesty.

Among traders is not devoid of fraud or dishonesty such as in weighing the goods to be sold to buyers. When someone buys a kilogram of sugar, for example, the sword can reduce the weight scales so that the weight of the sugar only 9 ounces or 9.5 ounces. Traders outsmart the scales by giving weight on the scales used to weigh their wares. This is a kind of trader that doesn’t demonstrate honesty.

Some traders ignore honesty. Dishonest traders who can also put the bad stuff or mix between bad and goods things which will be sold.  Actions like this are very detrimental to the buyer because the goods are not getting better. On the other days, he would not return again to buy goods from him. This means the trader has lost its buyers.

Honesty also important in a good bargain, there are times when the seller said that he did not make any profit or benefits on goods he sold. Of course, this is not a correct trader because there is no merchant who does not take any profit. It is better if the merchant is telling the truth and honesty that he took a little profit from the goods sold, and it certainly is usual in business. Certainly, there is no reason if traders do not take advantage or profit in their business. Again honesty is important.

The buyers also understand if the merchant takes to profit from the goods sold by traders. What is overlooked by the buyer from a merchant is honesty so that they do not feel cheated by the traders who had their trust.

When we ask traders to deliver our goods we have bought they should do it properly. Here honesty is also important so that buyers satisfied with their service. Honesty is very important to maintain the image of the merchant. People are easy to cheat each other whenever no honesty there.

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