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5 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money at Home

Make Extra Money

There are millions ways to make extra money online legitimately . Whether you are looking at supplementing your current revenue by earning extra income or if you simply are considering a new work at home business opportunity, you should find relevant information presented here in a quick and direct manner.

Making money is not that hard. All you need is a viable system and give it your time, efforts and money (to a certain extent) as well as a very good dose of perseverance. I strongly hope that you will find your greatest asset (knowledge) here and use it to reach your financial goals.

To help I’m going to list a few of the main things people are doing online and the pros and cons of each. It’s important to point out that some jobs require you to have a skill (those are the ones that usually pay more) but if you’re willing to learn something new the sky’s the limit!

Filling out online surveys

Pros: Can start straight away, open to most people, no investment of time/money needed
Cons: Limited payouts, shortage of surveys for certain demographics, sometimes you get paid in credit not cash

There are lots of sites offering payment for filling out surveys online but I’m going to recommend just a few, Valued Opinions, and Justtheanswer. These three all have a good reputation for paying on time and supplying plenty of surveys to fill out. I think the most you can realistically make is around $500 a day which is great.

Writing Content

Pros: Very scalable – write more content and you make more, huge demand
Cons: You won’t earn much in the beginning, time consuming

One of the main building blocks of any website is content and with 1000s of new sites being created every day there’s a huge demand for articles/blog posts and general text to go on these sites. Some people may think “I’m not good at writing” but even so there is a demand for all levels of content and if you’re a native English speaker you will definitely get work.

Content is priced per word and how much you earn will depend on your reputation and the quality you produce. Remember if you build up a reputation on freelancing platforms as a reliable content writer then customers will keep coming back for more and you won’t have to bid/look for work.

Make Extra Money

Freelancing Web design/SEO/Programming

Pros: Make much more money than article writing, skills that will last for years
Cons: Lots of competition, you need to have a real skill

I bet the title of this has already put some people off! It’s important to realise that there are many different levels of web design/programming/marketing and while all require you to have that skill (to some extent) often the skill isn’t a difficult one to learn. Since many businesses are outsourcing these kinds of tasks freelancing sites like Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr have sprung up which allow employers to post projects which freelancers then bid on. Now the main issue is do you have a skill that you can sell, and if not what would it take to learn one?

This is very difficult to say as I don’t know your circumstances but the best route would be to try out one of those “for dummies” books as I learnt php in around a week with one (the basics). Also remember the goal with this type of work is the same as the last example, you want to build up a reputation with clients so that eventually they can give you steady work and you don’t have to bid on the freelance sites (they can be a pain).

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Niche Affiliate Marketing

Pros: Unlimited earnings, your own boss, work on projects your interested in, no technical knowledge required
Cons: Some investment of time and money

Affiliate marketing is the process of building small niche websites which are used to attract traffic (website visitors). Because the website is geared around a specific subject the traffic is valuable to advertisers who will pay commission on the sales we generate for them. So the above statement may be simplifying things a little as the main job is getting people to the site, but the unique aspect of this system is that a successful website can be making you make extra money even when you sleep. If you are interested in this method then I will be bringing out a new and improved ebook very soon which explains exactly how to build a website (with no technical knowledge) and get it earning money fast.

Happy reading and good luck in your make extra money goals!


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