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How to Grow Your Business with Social Booster

Social Booster

Nowadays, an important part of promoting and recognizing a brand or company is social media marketing. Consider the main points and characteristics of social media promotion, and why social booster is extremely important and promising for business development.

According to some research by SEO experts on local businesses, when people search for goods and services in a competitive industry, compared to direct or branded traffic links, the average degree of viewing and participation in related articles is higher. Information is published regularly Going to local Google My Business listings and Facebook business pages will increase the position of local search results and bring customers where you want them to go by marketing directly to the Google page.

You can create 3 types of posts based on the information you want to provide to your customers:

These are general purpose or information sharing posts and can provide your followers or potential customers with information about your business. You will be able to add images, text and the option of a “call to action” button with a link. These posts are a great way to wish your customers Happy Holidays, business hours updates, or your new location opening soon!


Event post aims to promote an event that will take place at your location on a specific date and time that your desired customers or potential visitors will be able to find. For event type posts, you can add an event title and image with start and end dates, as well as options for start and end time, details and description, and a call to action with a link. By using event posting, you can inform other people on the network about car shows, home shows, or holiday events taking place at your location, and especially lecturers or visitors to meet and greet at your business.


The offer will serve as an advertisement for current and potential customers to promote coupons or sales of goods and services they host online or in person. With the help of the offer post, you can add the offer title / name, image, available date and time, and any details or summary you want about the transaction itself.

In addition, there are some areas that can lead your visitors to a better experience, including a coupon code (if necessary) that links to a place where it can be redeemed, and the terms and conditions about the promotion you want to describe. These quote posts are a way to record the sales or promotions you offer to the public over time, and to track which sales or promotions are most effective, and make sure you don’t use the same code twice!


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