How to Get a Corporate Bank Loan to Start a Business

corporate bank loan

It doesn’t matter whether you are an established business or a startup aspirant, it is imperative that you will need loans at times. It may not be a billion-dollar question for an established business owner as to where he can get a loan to his business. But a startup businessman has to do some homework in order that he doesn’t get a raw deal.

How can you know if you are eligible for Singapore corporate bank loan and can you really get benefited because of business loans?

There are various types of corporate bank loans available

Unsecured business loans are the loans offered by banks based on your credit report and you need not pledge any documents for the security. In order to get such unsecured business loans, you will have to maintain a clear credit report, some level of financial stability, and a high credit score.

Secured business loans are the loans offered by banks, for which you will have to pledge some documents for security. You can get business loans by pledging with real estate, house, autos, or property that are truly yours and has got no current debts.

Considering the Business line of credit loans, the bank will provide a predefined, fixed cash amount for your business that you can borrow when you really want it. Based on the amount you used, you have to pay interest for that amount alone.

Preparing for a loan

Singapore corporate bank loan

Here are some broader considerations in preparing for a loan, to begin with.

  • Prepare a list of banks, credit unions, and private lenders in the region or town of your business. This is important from the point that usually they do not entertain the applications, not from their towns/cities.
  • Collect information on minority business loans and disaster recovery loans too if it is applicable in your case.
  • Collect data from various lenders such as private financial institutions, banks, and credit unions about various loan schemes they have. This helps you in two ways.
    • It helps in choosing the lender by the rate of interest and terms.
    • It helps to locate a lender that advances loans to your particular needs. Some institutions do not finance certain types of equipment.
  • Preparing the application and documentation. This is the most important part of the loan application. Though documentation is the same, in principle, by all lenders, they might differ here and there slightly. You can choose the one that demands the minimum documentation.
  • Compare the maximum and minimum financing a lender can provide you with. Because you will need to organize the balance cash injection from your own or borrowed sources. Also, the rates of interest are different in each case. Most of the banks insist on your investment first.

Finding a Lender

corporate business loan broker Singapore can refer you to the best lender who suits your needs.  The loan brokers can compare different lenders and choose the one that suits your requirements the most, by making use of some terms like lines of credit, guaranteed interest rates, early payoffs, flexible financing, and any fees for comparison.


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