Build your prosperity through structured UK property investment

UK property investment

Property is such an attractive investment because you leverage other people’s money, usually in the form of a mortgage, to maximize your return. In other words you don’t have to lay out all of the capital, but can still enjoy the profit. You make the money you have worked harder for you.

Over the past 50 years property has outperformed many other forms of investment, exposing investors to significantly reduced risk but delivering similar rewards. Buying opportunities off plan further reduces your risk as you can enjoy a negotiated discount and you require less of a deposit.

Much has been written about the ‘unsustainable’ increases in the UK property investment market and now abroad, but the reality is that as an investment, property has performed consistently for over 50 years.

Just look at the facts

  • On average UK property prices have increased by 100%+ every decade in the last 100 years. Chronic housing undersupply means that there is still room for significant growth.
  • In 2019, there were 8.2 million people living alone, the number of households in the UK grew by 249,000 (0.9%) from the previous year to 27.8 million. This increase was statistically significant.
  • According to the Office of National Statistics there will be an annual shortfall of housing in the UK of over 100,000 properties each year for the next decade. This could mean a 1 million housing shortfall by 2030 if current trends continue.
  • The Barker report concluded that strict UK planning constraints, increasing numbers of smaller households due to social change and chronic undersupply of new houses will remain for the foreseeable future.

With rising house prices ruling out home ownership for many people, and substantially more people than properties to house them, there has never been a better time to invest in rental property.

Experience invest is a subdivision of Experience International which provides investors with high yielding UK property investment opportunities.

Experience Invest first introduced student accommodation to investors seeking an alternative to the UK’s more traditional property markets over years and during this time the sector has seen phenomenal growth.

Investors are assigned their very own dedicated Investment Consultant when they use Experience International to ensure peace-of-mind throughout the investment process. Each consultant has their own specialist field which enables investors to receive expert, confidential and professional guidance which is personalized to suit individual investment requirements.

Experience Invest has delivered many well-known property developments in Luton as part of the town’s on-going regeneration. In upcoming years, they planned to deliver supplemental projects that will correspond to a total Gross Development Value of £186.1m.

Strict due diligence has been carried out by their experienced, in-house Business Development team, enabling Experience Investments to only market reputable and high-yielding opportunities. They only present a handful of low risk UK property investments and this is why many people are repeat their customers.

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