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Intellisticks – An Interactive Trading Education Platform for Traders and Experts

The secret to making profits in trading is understanding the best trading tactics and strategies. Some of the things that stand between most aspiring traders and achieving success in trading are the high cost of training and the inability to find a reliable trading education system. Fortunately, that problem is now solved with a one-of-a-kind trading education platform that combines superior features you cannot find elsewhere.

Interactive Trading Education

Intellisticks comes in to revolutionize the world of trading education by providing a seamless platform that uses a combination of historical trading simulations, DIY learning, and expert guidance. The interactive trading education platform comes in handy for aspiring investors who want to learn the best trading tactics without the risk of losing real money and making costly mistakes.

An interactive trading education platform featuring automated feedback from your favorite coach while you practice simulated trading.


Intellisticks is designed to offer ultimate trading education to aspiring traders, individual investors, trading educators, and investment coaches. The platform is perfectly suited for aspiring traders and investors who are not fans of investment books, as well as those who cannot afford professional investment coaching.


Intellisticks provides a seamless platform where users can practice trading in a simulated environment and personal guidance of an experienced trading coach. The leaners receive automated feedback from experienced coaches so they can compare their decisions with those of the coaches and identify where they’re making mistakes. The students can then apply the lessons learnt in a simulated environment in real-life trading.


A great alternative to investment books – Intellisticks is an unmatched alternative to conventional investment books that tend to offer outdated information. The groundbreaking trading education platform provides easy-to-understand and actionable tactics and strategies that you cannot find in conventional investment books. Designed with practicality in mind, Intellisticks uses real historical data to simulate the virtual market, making it easy for users to try real trading in the real world with real money.

Learn from the best – Intellisticks allows users to learn from the best investment coaches with vast experience in trading and better yet, for a fractional of the cost of a traditional one-on-one coach.

User –friendly– Intellisticks is a user-friendly platform that explains everything simply yet thoroughly to make it easy for traders to dip their toes into the world of trading. A user’s portfolio is displayed with beautiful charts and much-needed information for easy learning.

Wide variety of courses – Intellisticks offers hundreds of courses to allow aspiring traders and investors to choose courses that match their trading style.

Intellisticks provides users with access to a library of written educational resources to supplement one-on-one coaching from a verified trading expert

With Intellisticks, investing in the Stock, Forex, and Crypto markets will no longer be intimidating. Besides, it allows users to save tons of money which they could have spent on hiring a professional investment coach. This interactive trading education platform ensures both traders and experts learn the ins and outs of trading so they can expertly tread through the trading jungle.



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