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Here is the Best Trading Platform for the Forex Market

Trading Platform

Trading Platforms presents the most popular regulated and legitimate Forex brokers offering the best trading software and platforms for Forex, Commodities, CFDs, and other instruments with the most advanced trading features. Choosing online trading software is an important step. I will share with you all the necessary information about a new but reliable trading platform and free Forex software trading features to help you make the right choice.

When choosing a Forex platform, you need to realize what features your trading software must-have. There are downloadable and web-based currency trading platforms. If you are planning to trade from different computers (home, work, etc), it is better if you choose the web-based online trading software, where you can log in at any place with internet access.

Some Forex trading platforms allow you to install different Forex software trading tools like robots, signals, etc, that may help you in your trading strategy. If you are not experienced enough in Forex trading and want to use additional paid or free Forex software, be sure that your trading platform allows it. Many top trading platforms are coming with all needed instruments that may help newbie traders: signals, OpenBook, traders’ insight, etc.

Most of the currency trading platforms offer a big variety of currency pairs, commodities, CFDs, indices, etc as well as a lot of different trading tools and instruments: signals, financial calendar, moving average, alerts, etc. Before starting trading, make sure that the Forex software or trading platform you have chosen has all the necessary features that you need for your Forex trading.

Trading Platform

RTMarkets has created a unique trading platform that satisfies the needs of any trader. Both experienced and novice traders will find all necessary features and trading tools that will help trade Forex professionally and successfully. Fast execution, low spreads, a great variety of trading instruments, a lack of commission and swaps, a multilingual trading platform, and support already attracted many traders from the entire world to RTMarket.

RTMarkets platform has lots of trading features including the order book, times and sales, courses, and open orders. You have all the information you need on one screen. It is currently under development and its an open alpha for now. Registration is free and required. Level-2-Data are included for free users (from an investor pool).

They are collecting feedback from the alpha users to improve the platform features. Currently, a Desktop version is available for the public but RTMarkets mobile version is coming soon.

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