Altcoin Magazine Mastermind Event

The mastermind event happening on Bali this September 4th to 6th is an event to set the pace for the year to come in crypto. Hosted by Altcoin Magazine, the people’s favorite media, they have completely changed how crypto events are supposed to be carried out. It’s an event where masterminds influencers and change makers unite in a no-stress or hustle environment.

With inspiration from the infamous mastermind groups from the world of business, Altcoin Magazine is gathering a maximum of 100 teams of 2 from some of the most influential and respected companies and projects in crypto and blockchain such as 21Cryptos Magazine, ReadySetCrypto, Bad Crypto Podcast, and many more.

For three entire days, there will be no booths, no keynotes, no normal people, yet tons of opportunities for the mastermind attendees to network and build strong partnerships and friendships. Formally known as an event to 10x your network, impact, and influence, the Altcoin Magazine Mastermind Event aims to let the attendees leverage on each other’s mastermind strategies to help one another become the #1 trusted authority in each individual niches in the industry.

What do you get from a 0.25 mastermind ticket price?

  1. 1 ticket per team of 2 people. Free accommodation, food, drinks, beverages and taxi included.
    No stress.
  2. No more of all the boring stuff. No booths, no speakers, no keynotes, no normal people, no bs.
  3. An invaluable opportunity to learn from, and connect, network, and build partnerships and
    friendships with the brightest minds of the industry.
  4. The attendees bring rewards to give away to other attendees of the event. 100 attendees = 100
    rewards, many of which already hold a value of 1 BTC and some upwards of 20+ BTC.

Purchase tickets.

There’s no other event quite like this

The definition of a mastermind event:

“A mastermind is a place where high-performers gather to leverage on each other’s knowledge.”

The Altcoin Magazine Mastermind event will be the most powerful networking crypto event in the world. Period. We make sure that all attendees fits these criteria:

  1. Have credibility and track record
  2. Are action takers
  3. Are future minded
  4. Have giving attitudes

The mindset of giving is crucial for this mastermind event.

Purchase tickets.


The list of attendees grows day by day, and maximum of 100 tickets will only ever be sold for this year’s mastermind event. The team made sure that all attendees meet the following requirements:
If they don’t they’re simply not the right fit for the event.

Attendee rewards

All attendees must bring something of value to the other attendees. This way, we guarantee that there will be a massive value in attending the event.

Current attendee rewards examples:

  • 21Cryptos are giving away a 3 months media partership
  • ReadySetCrypto are giving away a live interview at the event
  • Altcoin Magazine is hosting a Mastermind Awards with 5 prizes
  • TBS World is hosting a startup battle with a prize
  • is giving away a free coin or token listing
  • Mobie is doing a big airdrop for those interested to receive their global payments and rewards
  • Bad Crypto Podcast is hosting two interviews and is doing a live crypto standup comedy
  • HERMAN.MEDIA, a media partner of ours are giving away a free brand mention in either
    Cointelegraph, Forbes or Entrepreneur at a worth of approximately $3000.

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