Company Formation

Company Formation: Starting a Business in The Netherlands as A Foreigner

Company formation

If you are planning to start a business as a limited company or partnership, you are required company formation for all legal tax procedures and prevention. To start any business the most important step is registering a business after deciding the company name.

Company formations enable businesses into the corporate world and allow you to manage tax payments of your company with proper way. Company formation makes you professional business owner as well as clients and supplies trust on registered companies only.

Netherlands is heaven for Foreign Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur finding suitable place for a startup, Netherlands is a perfect destination.

The Netherlands is widely marked as a favorite location for foreign entrepreneurs. Dutch company formation in the Netherlands is a door to the well populated Western Europe markets which are highly developed logistics and technical infrastructure.


Perks of international business after Setup Company in the Netherlands includes a highly skilled and multi lingual human resources with high standard living, easy tax regulations that are examine among the friendliest in the world.

Netherlands political climate is very stable and calm. Company formation in such a peaceful and developed country should mark your business journey successful. Dutch company formation laws in the Netherlands are flexible and highly based on the continental corporate laws that is common in the European Union.

Dutch BV and other Legal entities

When it is decided to start up business in the Netherlands, you should consider an appropriate legal structure for the business. It is possible to start Company formation Netherlands through a branch or through a legal form, like a corporation or partnership as I wrote before.

The primary legal businesses that are constituted under corporate laws in the Netherlands Dutch law contain the following legal forms:

  • Private limited liability companies (BV- besloten vennootschap)
  • Public companies (NV- naamloze vennootschap)
  • Cooperatives (in Dutch: coöperatie)
  • Societas Europaea (SE)
  • Societas Cooperative Europaea (SCE)
  • Partnerships (general partnership: VOF, limited partnership: CV)

Since the registration of Dutch BV and Dutch NV companies is more common, here are some important features of Dutch company formation;

  • NV company can issue both registered and bearer shares
  • A BV Company can issue only registered shares.
  • The articles of association for a BV can contain transfer restrictions, while the same is not applicable for an NV
  • Only an NV company can be enlisted at the Euronext Stock Exchange in Amsterdam
  • The minimum required share capital for a BV Company can be less than 1.00 euro
  • The minimum required share capital for NV Company is 45.000 euros.

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