What Are Some Requirements for Bookkeeping?

What are some necessary requirements that need to be fulfilled that a person might be able to practice bookkeeping? How does one become a certified bookkeeper?

The answers lie in textbooks but reading one could take even a very eager learner days, even weeks, to accomplish, not to mention the hours needed to make a comprehensive assessment of what the person has read from such books. So this article was created: to give bookkeeper wannabes only the very essential facts that they would need for them to kick-off their careers in bookkeeping and taxes. Remember that being a certified bookkeeper is way better and more advantageous in the financial aspect in that one has more job opportunities and one is paid so much more than one’s non-certified counterparts. It is most encouraging therefore to be certified the soonest possible time so here are some tips to accomplishing this feat.

The first step is of course taking up a course on bookkeeping but this should not be just another “bookkeeping” course. The requirement is to become a graduate of a bookkeeping course that is accredited with an official and recognized bookkeeping institute or organization. Therefore, when planning to enroll in one, make certain that it’s the “accredited” one because if it isn’t one wouldn’t have a chance of ever taking the bookkeeping certification test that would allow a bookkeeper to practice his profession with gusto. This serves as the second step.

The third one is another requirement that needs to be fulfilled in order that a bookkeeping graduate might be able to sit in a bookkeeping certification examination and this is experience, two years worth of it or its equivalent number of work hours if one is just a part-time bookkeeper. To prove such an accomplishment, one would need to ask for a verification certificate from one’s employers or clients whichever applies.

The fourth step or requirement to become a certified bookkeeper who earns more is to pass the bookkeeping certification test. The organization giving the examination requires that a taker get a score of at least 70 percent in each of the three test subjects. If one fails to get the said score in one of the test subjects, he will be required to take it again. The moment he has a 70 percent score, he officially passes the bookkeeping certification test.

The fifth and final step is to affix one’s signature in the bookkeeping industry’s code of ethics. The certified bookkeeper too is required to obtain 60 hours of continuing education over a three-year period to be able to maintain one’s certification. One can now use too the term “Certified Professional Bookkeeper” as part of one’s title.

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